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Hi there 👋🏻 I am Atenas GV!
Thanks for stopping by!

THAT WITCHY MUM speaks about the struggles and adventures motherhood brings. Because… let’s admit it!, parenting is a vibe and a rewarding thing, but it is also hard as f**k sometimes and we all need to feel understood once in a while!. 😅
This is a space to spit out (without mincing words) the realistic truths about this beautiful but sometimes chaotic journey and being comfortable doing it. (No mamma shaming allowed!).

This is a space to feel safe and respected.

I will also share with you a bit of my personal magickal journey and craft as well as little spells and self-care rituals for you to bring joy and love to your life and the ones around you.

Thanks for being here, I hope you enjoy your stay and that the content you see brings you inspiration and wellness.


About me:

I am a 30 year old woman, mother and eclectic witch who recently started her magickal journey.

So far the craft has given me the key to a very personal and profound emotional healing, as well to bring more positivity to my life.

Before getting pregnant I gave up my entire life to the hospitality industry, did few trainings and certifications and worked in many bars and clubs as a cocktail bartender and bar manager. (Old fun times when getting drunk on every shift was a priority haha!). I have done that for way too many years, and I mean, I can’t complain! It was a very exciting and fulfilling experience back then but not really exactly what I wanted in the long run. Now I am doing completely different things and finally starting to really know what I want.

Some of my biggest interests are music, photography, everything to do with nature, food (yes I am a foodie and I love to cook), body mods, special effects makeup and roller skating, I also enjoy travelling and getting to know different cultures and speaking different languages, I also have a particular preference in all things “spooky” and been very involved in goth culture since I was very young.

I have always been a little bit of an outsider and considered myself “a weirdo”… haha, and I have always been immersed in my own little world. And that’s totally fine!, I enjoy it!.
I am an extremely creative person, as well as deeply intituive and emotional and love helping others.

I am also an advocate for those who are suffering with their mental health.

Mental health is extremely important and it is one of many reasons why I have decided to create this blog, because for me it’s like a little overthinking relief tool ha!.
I’ve always felt the need to communicate things but never really found the right way to do it, until now.
After my baby was born, I was diagnosed with PPD, GAD, OCD and Agoraphobia and booooooy that was fucking hard!. But there’s always a little light out of the tunnel and thankfully got the help that I needed on time. If you suffer from any mental health issues, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, and trust me… it is worth getting the help.

Now that I am a mother many things have changed in my life and the things I have learnt so far and the way that motherhood has made me grow as a person makes me extremely proud. I know it is a hell of a journey still to come but there isn’t anything that makes me happier than seeing my son happy and being able to share my story with you all!.

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